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A Yacht Security System

BlueRay Marine gives you "peace of mind when you’re not there".

BlueRay Boat Alarm Security and Monitoring systems will protect your boat from threats

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for the marine environment
  • Instant SMS (text message) notification of alarm condition to 6 phones
  • GPS position to locate the boat if it’s moved, you can find it!
  • Proven, reliable protection for your boat with hundreds installed

Boat security and monitoring systems you can rely on to protect your pride and joy.

BlueRay Marine boating security systems provide proven protection against the key dangers faced by unattended boats - break-in, theft and sinking. From trailer boats through to super yachts there is a model suited to the requirements of each boat. All systems monitor the boat’s battery and report low voltages. Additionally the Secure Boat systems, which are designed for larger vessels, allow remote control of electrical equipment such as fridges, air-conditioning or heating.

BlueRay Manta & Sting

A BlueRay Marine security system provides proven protection against the key threats faced by unattended vessels: break-in, theft, loss of power and sinking. Both systems utilise GSM/GPRS technology to instantly notify you directly to your cell phone of threats or alarms on your boat.

BlueRay systems are designed and manufactured in Australia, specifically for boating applications. With many hundreds of satisfied owners, BlueRay is the market leader in Boat Alarms and monitoring.

From our basic protection of the Sting system through to the comprehensive Manta, BlueRay can meet your security and boat monitoring needs.

Real Time Notification

All BlueRay security systems send an instant detailed text message to up to 6 mobile phones and can call a land phone number when a warning event or alarm is detected. Both the Sting and Manta products can be configured to connect to a central alarm monitoring company using Contact-ID protocols.


BlueRay systems can monitor your boat's bilge pumps and shore power, sending warning messages if one or more pump are running orif if shore power is lost. The Manta system has 3 warning inputs, Sting has 1. All systems monitor the house and system back-up battery voltages, and report low (25%) and very low (0%) battery levels.


When a trespasser or break-in is detected the Sting and Manta systems will trigger an onboard siren and/or strobe to deter the intruder. Simultaneously the BlueRay system will send a detailed alarm message to all programmed mobile phones.

GPS Position

The Sting and Manta systems may be fitted with their own internal GPS receiver. In the event an alarm occurs, the GPS information, including the boat's speed and direction, is sent with each alarm message, for example:

Deck trespass alarm

33 50.707S
151 07.024E

GPS fitted units can also trigger the alarm if the boat moves outside the user set area (Geo-fence radius.)

Remote Control

You may want to turn on refrigeration, aircon or heating. Light up the boat as you approach at night, the BlueRay Manta system allows remote arming, disarming and control of electrical equipment.

BlueRay Sting

The BlueRay Sting will provide basic protection for your boat with 2 alarm circuits and 1 warning circuit. It will allow remote arm/disarm via SMS and can be utilised for shore power loss detection.

BlueRay Sting "T"

The BlueRay Sting "T" system is designed specifically for trailer boats. The system has inbuilt movement detection, one warning and two alarm sensor inputs. It sends alerts to up to 4 mobile phones and, when fitted with the GPS option, includes latitude and longitude tracking information in each message. It includes an output relay to control a siren.

BlueRay Manta

A comprehensive system for larger yachts and power cruisers, the BlueRay Manta system offers multi sector warning and alarm inputs. All warnings and alarms are sent to up to 6 mobile phones and include location information*. Warning inputs monitor key risk areas such as bilges, shore power connections, boat battery voltage and system backup battery. Alarm inputs support all sensor types including passive and active type sensors.

The BlueRay Manta system has the capability to remotely control electrical equipment such as fridges, air-conditioning or heating. Cabin and or deck lighting may also be turned on when the system is tripped, providing courtesy lighting for the owner or illuminating the burglar.

GPS Option

GPS coordinate reporting may be added to either the BlueRay Sting and Manta systems. This enables alarms to be sent with Latitude, Longitude, speed and direction details included. It also allows geo-fence (movement outside preset radius) operation.

Geo-fence monitors the boats location and triggers an alarm when the boat is detected to move outside the programmed area.


A range of proven accessories are available for use with BlueRay systems. These range from passive sensors such as reed switches and pressure mats through to active sensors like motion detectors, proximity detectors, beams and under deck stress sensors. These are detailed in the catalouge.

Contact us today !     We’ll help you find the right security system for your boat.

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