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OCENS Mail-110 - Activation
OCENS Mail - Satellite Phone Email Service-1
OCENS Mail Powered by XGate is simply the Fastest, Most Reliable, Satellite Phone Email Service - when and where you need it most.
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    • OCENS Mail Powered by XGate is simply the Fastest, Most Reliable, Satellite Phone Email Service - when and where you need it most.

      OCENS' affordable satellite phone email service allows you to use your current email software to cost effectively send and receive email over your satellite phone - IsatPhone Pro, Iridium, Inmarsat FleetBroadband / BGAN, or VSAT system.

      Email via OCENS Mail for Mac, Windows, iOS

      • Up to 15 times faster than webmail for standard email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) over satellite
      • Up to 85% savings on satellite airtime expenses
      • Easily sets up your computer and satellite phone in minutes
      • Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Download the free XGate app for OCENS Mail.


      NEW! Use OCENS Mail over the new Optimzer WiFi Hotspot / Firewall with your satellite phone.

      OCENS Mail serves as an email accelerator by using proprietary transmission protocols tailored to the realities of a satellite phone connection.

      Easy to use:

      • OCENS Mail automatically sets up your computer to work with your satellite phone. You will be up and running in minutes.
      • Certified for Iridium, Iridium OpenPort, Globalstar, Inmarsat BGAN & Fleet Broadband, and soon, Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro data service, or any TCP/IP service.
      • Optimized email for satellite phone conections such as IsatPhone Pro, Iridium, Inmarsat Fleetbroadband and BGAN, as well as VSAT systems. OCENS Mail eliminates the back and forth of Email protocols before using precious airtime.
      • Works with your existing email client software such as iScribe, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Netscape and others.
      • SmartRestart™ If your satellite signal drops, XGate automatically restarts where it left off, saving time and frustration.
      • SMS Messaging Support - SMS stands for Simple Message Service. This service allows users to send very short textual messages to the phone. OCENS Mail uses this feature to inform it's users that mail has arrived for them at the central mail server. Now you don't have to call in to see if you have received mail. The SMS service is included as a standard feature in our e-mail package and is provided at no additional cost.
      • No limits on content or attachment size
      • Full support for attachments and HTML messaging.
      • Works as a full email server for installations with local area networks.
      • SmartFilter™ Server-side filtering keeps huge files out of the inbox, safely saved on a server for future access.
      • BigMail™ Client-side filtering lets users preview headers and download just what is needed, saving the rest for later.
      • Web Mail Access - OCENS Mail also gives you the ability to access your account from a local cafe via the web.
      • Mail Fetching* - Many customers would prefer to keep their current email addresses yet still have the advanced wireless delivery of OCENS Mail. This is easily accomplished by having OCENS retrieve your mail from your existing email account and bring it into your account. * Not all email accounts can be retrieved - Please contact OCENS to see if your account can be accessed.

      Other key benefits offered to OCENS Mail users:

      • Full technical support (compare that to the competition!)
      • Virus Scanning and Spam Filtering keeps a clean inbox.
      • Digital signatures.

      OCENS Mail is designed specifically to reduce the number of line turnarounds while additionally benefiting from compression. The proprietary email protocol eliminates ALL line turnarounds by sending large compressed streams of data to a server process running at our central location. The server unpacks the data stream and then carries out the standard SMTP to send the mail. Receiving mail uses the same wireless enhanced technology. 

      All incoming mail is collected by the server packaged into one compressed stream of data which is sent to the email client in one unidirectional transfer. The email client parses through the data breaking it up into individual mail messages and presents them to you for viewing. 

      What does all this mean? It means that on average OCENS Mail is about 7 to 10 times faster than our competition when it comes to delivering email. With plans for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 month service, you can pick the one that fits your schedule. 

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