Unlock Nobeltec® Plus Packs to immediately enhance your on-water experience! Our feature packs contain key performance tools for boaters, regardless of skill or experience level.


Nobeltec Plus Packs

Nobeltec® Sailing Plus Pack™* - Now with Windvantage™ Weather Router! Jeppesen Marine proudly introduces the Windvantage™ Weather Router feature to the popular Sailing Plus Pack. This feature relies on the Route Wizard to make calculations based on the boat’s performance characteristics (which are stored in the polar files) and a GRIB weather file. The software then creates a recommendation for the best possible route. Windvantage Weather Router complements the comprehensive feature pack, containing key cruising and performance tools that will undoubtedly improve your sailing skills. Sailing Plus Pack delivers the right information – when you need it. Incoming wind and sailing data, whether delivered via Ockam®; B&G®, or strictly from NMEA input, is used to create a total awareness in your Nobeltec display. Import or create a polar file and watch it instantly update with actual on-water data. Next, display on-screen indicators, such as laylines, reverse laylines, and over-the-chart wind indicators. Then display polar targets and actuals as a real number or percentages for instant performance verification. You can also measure data and performance using analysis tools that are built into Nobeltec’s exclusive Strip Chart technology. * Sailing Plus Pack sold separately and requires Admiral 9, VNS 9 or MAX Pro versions (Admiral MAX Pro or VNS MAX Pro) Highlights Windvantage™ Weather Router Polar File Import 50 Pre-Installed Polars from U.S. Sailing® Real-time Data on Polar Display Strip Charts for Trending and Analysis Laylines and Wind Indicators Track Line Coloring for Instant Investigation Tender Tracker Plus Pack Keeping track of loved ones, key personnel, and on-water assets is always at the top of the list for large yacht owners. When jet skis can’t be located or an expected call from a tender isn’t received, visions of a breakdown, an empty fuel tank, and worst of all, an accident, come to mind. Anxiety can arise from the uncertainty of these potential situations. Jeppesen Marine® has teamed with Seetrac® Tender Tracking™ to introduce the safest and best way to instantly know the location of jet skis, wave runners, and tenders. Very simply, the solution tracks the location of each tender and instantly reports it back to the mother yacht for immediate on-chart display inside Nobeltec Admiral software. When security and safety are at stake, Nobeltec and Seetrac Tender Tracking deliver peace of mind. Features: Instantaneous Position Reports, Displayed Over the Chart–Secure Communication Channel Personal Alarm On Each Tender Up to 5NM Range Waterproof and Shock-Resistant Technology Reports Position, Depth, and Wind from Tenders Ability to Set Alarm Boundaries Nobeltec® Weather Options Jeppesen Marine is dedicated to providing navigators with key weather data at the right time and displaying it over navigation charts and routes for real-time analysis and trip planning. Our new weather options convert simple weather data into informative navigation features that will help you safely decide where to go and how long to stay on the water. Both VNS MAX Pro and Admiral MAX Pro versions showcase our latest weather service offering, Sirius® Marine Weather. You may recognize the Sirius name as a leader in satellite radio. We are sure you’ll enjoy the same level of excellence with their satellite-delivered weather data. This service results in informative, vivid weather data displayed over the navigation chart within moments after receiving data via satellite. In addition to the Sirius Marine Weather service, the powerful XM® option allows streamed XM satellite weather data to be displayed in countless combinations within the navigation window. Nobeltec Navigation Software also continues to support the built-in GRIB viewer to display predictive and actual data right over the chart. For economical and efficient data delivery, subscribe to OCENS® WeatherNet™, which is pre-installed in Admiral MAX Pro. See GRIB files instantly delivered and automatically opened via cell phone, satellite phone, or other Internet connection! Weather Plus Pack Highlights: Integrated Sirius® Marine Weather and XM® Weather Overlay Multiple Weather Providers GRIB File Support OCENS® WeatherNet™ integration (Admiral MAX Pro version) Display Actual Weather and Predictions Over Intended Route Cursor Rollover for Precise Values Weather Data Solutions NNS MAX Pro supports many different weather choices. Choose from Sirius Marine Weather, OCENS WeatherNet GRIB data service*, XM Satellite Weather overlay**, SkyMate integrated weather†, WxWorx on Water***, free GRIB support and Nobeltec WeatherMail options.†† SIRIUS Marine Weather provides high-quality marine weather information in stunning digital graphics to your boat’s navigation display. Experience the advanced information, planning ability and peace of mind made possible by Sirius Marine Weather wherever you boat! Sirius Marine Weather satellite receivers are available from AirGator, Inc at http://www.wxmate.com OCENS WeatherNet is a system designed to optimize the download of weather products via wireless connections. It offers thousands of continuously-updated weather products — text, images, charts, buoy, data, radar, GRIB files, and many more — that can be easily and efficiently downloaded on demand. WxWorx was founded to provide XM WX Satellite Weather with the meteorological expertise needed to supply real-time weather data to the United States. WxWorx on Water is the company's offering to the maritime community. Supplying highly accurate parameters like radar, wave heights and sea surface temperatures. WxWorx on Water is the perfect weather solution for both recreational and business-oriented boaters. GRIB Weather File Support Admiral MAX Pro and VNS MAX Pro can open and display GRIB weather files with ease, allowing you to view and step through predictions and actual data, right over the navigational chart. Supported data types include pressure, wind, currents, precipitation, wave information and sea surface temperature. * OCENS WeatherNet service is included with Admiral MAX Pro and requires an annual license fee and per usage charges. ** XM Satellite Weather overlay requires purchase of Weather Plus Pack and an XM Satellite Weather hardware/data subscription. † SkyMate weather data solutions available through SkyMate, Inc. ***WxWorx on Water weather data solution available through WxWorx. †† Nobeltec WeatherMail data solution information is available through the Jeppesen Marine sales Nobeltec Bathy Recorder Nobeltec Bathy Recorder™, sold as a plus pack to Jeppesen Marine's Nobeltec® Visual Navigation Suite™ (VNS™) and Admiral™, enables you to record sea floor topographic information using your sounder/depth finder device and to incorporate that data into your 3D display. When you use the Bathy Recorder to customize your sea floor charts, those charts will constantly improve with repeat trips over the same areas, enabling you to have a perfect picture of important sea floor terrain, as well as your favorite fishing and diving spots. The data provided by your Bathy Recorder can be more specifically oriented to your needs than any chart you can purchase. And, with Jeppesen Marine's exclusive, high-quality 3D-rendering, Bathy Recorder will give you an unparalleled 360° awareness of your environment. Bathy Recorder provides specific contour lines that standard available 3D charts don't display, as well as complete control of the contour line display. Create your own custom contours to see the areas of sea-floor topography that are important to you! * Bathy Recorder requires Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite or Admiral version 8 with service pack v8.1.1064 or higher. Customers of Nobeltec VNS or Admiral Version 8 may receive the v8.1.2000 service pack at no charge. Nobeltec® Raster Plus Pack™! Raster Plus Pack allows you to upgrade to Admiral MAX Pro and VNS MAX Pro while keeping many of the same features you’ve come to rely on in previous versions of Nobeltec Navigation Software. These features include support for Maptech/BSB data (version 2-5), NOSGeo data, Maptech perspective photos and other Nav data formats. In short, you’ll stay in your comfort zone with Raster Plus Pack while taking advantage of the new features in Admiral MAX Pro or VNS MAX Pro. What could be better? Highlights Maptech/BSB data (versions 2-5) NOSGeo data Maptech perspective photos Raster Plus Pack is sold separately and requires Admiral MAX Pro or VNS MAX Pro. It contains the following features: Maptech/BSB data format support (version 2-5) Use many of the same raster charts you’ve come to know and rely on in previous versions of Admiral and VNS. Use the 3D overlay feature on these raster charts. Open raster charts and photos in the NavView. NOSGeo data format support Use NOSGeo charts in both PlanView and NavView. Maptech perspective photos and extra nav data formats. Enjoy Maptech photos in both the Planview and NavView. add-ons: Sailing Plus Pack with new Windvantage™ Weather Router, Weather Plus Pack (now works with both Sirius® and XM® data receivers), Bathy Recorder Plus Pack, Tender Tracker Plus Pack, and Raster Plus Pack.** Additional Admiral MAX Pro features include four fully- ** Sailing Plus Pack, Weather Plus Pack, Tender Tracker Plus Pack, and Raster Plus Pack sold separately and require Admiral or VNS version 9 or MAX Pro versions. Bathy Recorder Plus Pack requires Admiral or VNS version v8.1.1064 or higher. Admiral MAX Pro Jeppesen Marine proudly presents Admiral MAX Pro, the most powerful electronic navigation solution that now works with C-Map MAX Pro cartography. Admiral MAX Pro Highlights: Supports C-MAP MAX Pro Cartography Optional Plus Pack Upgrades Multi-Monitor Support GlassBridge™ Network/Data Sharing Enhanced Target Tracking (ARPA/MARPA, DSC, AIS, Tender) Exclusive NavView Look and Feel Support for Multiple Video/Camera Inputs Single and Dual Radar Support 3D View with Shaded Relief Autopilot Ready Tides and Currents Overlay Sirius® Marine, XM® and GRIB Weather Support Here's just a small sample of what's available in Admiral MAX Pro. Admiral MAX Pro - Split Screen with MAX Pro Chart and 3D Admiral MAX Pro Full 3D Overlay Split Screen - MAX Pro Chart with Tides & Currents, Perspective Photo Overlay and 3D

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