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3070 - Tracker / DSP TNC with Robust Packet

Price: $342.00
Item Number: 3070
3070 - Tracker / DSP TNC with Robust Packet

The SCS Tracker / DSP TNC is the first Terminal Node Controller (TNC) to use a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for signal processing and modem operation. The close relationship between the DSP hardware and the modem protocol enables new functions and capabilities.


The Tracker / DSP TNC comes standard with a temperature compensated crystal oscillator for stability, GPS interface for GPS position reporting and Packet-Radio operation for VHF and UHF up to 19200 baud.

  • New multi-detector for 300 Bd AFSK. The DSP automatically processes a frequency range of ±400 Hz looking for 300 Bd transmissions and receives all detected signals in parallel. Extra tuning by the user is no longer necessary any more as precise tuning on the receiver side is achieved automatically
  • Special transmit and receive filters for 1200 Bd AFSK, to avoid adjacent channel interference and degradations from AC hum
  • Adaptive DC removal by the DSP at 9600 and 19200 Bd Direct FSK

  • Audo input impedance: 47 k?
  • Audio input level: 10 mVp-p - 2 Vp-p
  • Audio output impedance: 1 k?
  • Audio output level: max. 3 Vp-p adjustable in 1 mV steps
  • Processor: Digital Signal Processor DSP56303 / 100 MHz
  • RAM: 256 kWords (24 bit) DSP RAM
  • ROM: 256 kByte CMOPS FLASH ROM USB interface: standard type B connector, optically decoupled
  • Front panel: 5 LED's split into various functional groups
  • Rear panel: Sockets for TRX audio, GPS, Relay, USB and power supply
  • Power Supply: 10 - 20 V DC, 120 mA max., reverse polarity protected, self resetting fuse
  • Dimensions: Width 82 x Height 22 x Depth 102 mm
  • Weight: 107 g
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +50 °C

      Standard Accessories: Modem, Power Connector, Relay Connector, GPS Connector, USB cable, Audio cable, CD-ROM, Installation Guide