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PACTOR Free Shipping 1071
1071 - PTC-III usb with Pactor III License (REPLACED the old 1061) *** HAM RADIO service
1071 - PTC-III usb has Pactor III License is the replacement for the old 1061 Pactor. Recommended for HAM service. It does the Pactor modes, Packet, PSK31, RTTY and AMTOR.
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Detailed Description

 1071 - PTC-III usb has Pactor III License is the  replacement for the old 1061 Pactor.

****  Recommended for HAM service. It does the Pactor modes, Packet, PSK31, RTTY and AMTOR.


  • PACTOR I, II and III standard.
  • USB interface to PC, certified USB drivers
  • Termperature compensated crystal oscillator
  • 2mb of internal memory
  • Motorola DSP
  • Built-in VHF/UHF packet (excludes multiport capability of PTC-IIpro)
  • GPS NMEA data input
  • Transceiver Frequency control for many (most) radio models
  • Same on air performance as all PTC modems in PACTOR I, II & III and Packet modes 

The PTC-IIIusb comes with: Installation Guide, USB cable, audio cable (connector at one 
end, raw wires at the other end), power connector and CD-ROM.



  • Audio input impedance:  47 k
  • Audio input level:  10 mVp-p... 2Vp-p
  • Audio output impedance:  1 k
  • Audio output level:  Max. 3 Vp-p (open circuit), adjustable in 1 mV steps
  • Audio processing:  Digital signal processor DSP56303 clocked at 100 MHz 768 kByte additional DSP-RAM for data and program
  • Central processor:  Motorola MC68360 QUICC 32 bit CMOS CPU clocked at 25 MHz
  • ROM:  Max. 256 kByte, CMOS, FLASH-ROM for easy updates
  • RAM:  Static: 2 MByte, CMOS
  • System monitoring:  With an internal processor watchdog
  • Operating temperature:  -10 to +50 C
  • Front panel:  8 LEDs split into various functional groups.  ON / OFF Touch sensor switch
  • Rear panel:  Power supply, DIN Socket for transceiver audio, DIN socket for transceiver remote control, GPS connector - 3 wire screw terminal, USB "B" connector
  • Power Supply: +10 to +20 V DC, 300 mA max. Reverse polarity protected, Fuse selfresetting
  • Dimensions:  Width 4.92" (125) x Height 1.69" (43) x Depth 5.43" (138) mm
  • Weight:  15.87 oz (450g)
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